Easy Steps to Install a Generator

Generators are necessary in areas where power outage is common. Installing a generator in your home or office can be easy if you stick to the correct steps.

A generator can be used to power your appliances in case of a power outage from the main grid. It isn’t necessary to power all your appliances, but the basic ones like refrigerator, or lights can be powered by a regular sized generator when the electricity goes off.

Generator suppliers in UAE will tell you that installing a generator isn’t as tough as it sounds and by following some simple instructions mentioned below, you can effortlessly install the generator in your home or work place–

  • Setting the unit– You will need level ground to place your generator unit. Around 15 square feet of area outside your home will do the trick. Make sure you dig out the soil from the area and use some sturdy materials like pipes or rollers to keep the generator in place. You should carefully place it inside the space you have created so that it is straight and doesn’t move.
  • Transfer switch– There is a transfer switch that alerts your generator about the power outage. Without the adequate functioning of the transfer switch, you will not be able to activate the generator. The electrician will connect the wires from the appliances you need to power when there is a power outage into this transfer switch and only those appliances will be working when your power goes out.
  • Fuel Source– The fuel needed to power a generator is usually natural gas or diesel. Since it is easily available and can be transferred by pipelines, it is generally a preferred source of fuel. Another reason for using natural gas as a source is that it doesn’t require excessive storage space. The pipeline that enables the natural gas into the generator is installed outside your home. You could call a plumber that will ensure that the pipeline that connects the generator to the source of natural gas is securely installed.

Victims of frequent power outages can understand the irritation when the power goes out for hours or even for an entire day. It can be very inconvenient if your food goes bad on a regular basis or your home isn’t warm enough during the winters. Installing a generator UAE can be easier on your own rather than suffer during a power outage.


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